Child care at 2021 Summit, April 25-27, is available within the following guidelines.  All sessions are FREE OF CHARGE with the exception of a lunch fee for the Missions Lunch Sessions.

  • For Toddlers through 5 yrs with the exception of the Credentialing Service (Ordination service is the ONLY time Elementary students are allowed to register)
  • No infants--must be walking.
  • **Meals are not served with the exception of the child care sessions scheduled during the Monday & Tuesday Missions Lunch--there is a $4.00 fee to cover lunch for the children.  For all other child care sessions, children must be fed before dropping off.
  • Ordination Service - Elementary children will enjoy a movie or games in a separate room. (THIS IS THE ONLY TIME STUDENTS CAN REGISTER FOR CHILD CARE)
  • If a child has allergies, please note in the registration form and bring safe snacks for him/her.
  • All child care workers are 18 yrs or older and have verified criminal background checks.
  • Parent(s) must attend the corresponding Summit session and be available to be called out in case of an emergency.


Session are for Toddlers (walkers not crawlers) through 5 yrs
7:00 pm - Welcome Service


9:00 am - Call to Prayer

11:00 am - Missions Lunch (Sections 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 8) **
1:30 pm - Superintendent's Address
6:30 pm - Ordination Service [2 Tiers: 1) Toddlers thru 5 yrs; 2) 6 yrs thru 5th Grade]

NOTE: Child care for the Ordination Service opens at 5:00 pm for children of Ordination candidates ONLY.

7:00 am - Network Women's Breakfast
11:00 am - Missions Lunch (Sections 7, 9, 10 & 11) **

Individual Child Information

Please check each session for which you will need child care for this child:

*FOR SECTIONS 1,2,3,4,5,6 & 8
Includes lunch fee for each child--choose in Billing Information to pay by credit card or mail in check.

*FOR SECTIONS 7,9,10 & 11
Includes fee for each child--choose in Billing information to pay by credit card or mail in check

NOTE: Child care begins at 5:00 pm on Monday for children of Ordination candidates ONLY.

When you have completed all details, click on SAVE INDIVIDUAL CHILD INFORMATION below. An option box will appear to allow you to register another child or submit registration. Upon clicking SUBMIT, a confirmation screen will verify that registration is complete and you will also receive an email confirming the registration(s).

Parent Information


If you wish to pay by check please click on "Check" to the right of the Payment Method line below.  The convenience fee will be removed and you will be expected to mail in your check prior to Summit. Your balance due and address for mailing will be on the confirmation screen and in your confirmation email.

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